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Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy leads to an anticancer immune response via exposure of cell surface heat shock protein 90.

Authors Zunino B, Rubio-Patiño C, Villa E, Meynet O, Proics E, Cornille A, Pommier S, Mondragón L, Chiche J, Bereder JM, Carles M, Ricci JE

Oncogene Jan 2016

Cyclic dinucleotides modulate human T-cell response through monocyte cell death.

Authors Tosolini M, Pont F, Verhoeyen E, Fournié JJ

European journal of immunology Dec 2015

NIK promotes tissue destruction independently of the alternative NF-κB pathway through TNFR1/RIP1-induced apoptosis.

Authors Boutaffala L, Bertrand MJ, Remouchamps C, Seleznik G, Reisinger F, Janas M, Bénézech C, Fernandes MT, Marchetti S, Mair F, Ganeff C, Hupalowska A, Ricci JE, Becher B, Piette J, Knolle P, Caamano J, Vandenabeele P, Heikenwalder M, Dejardin E

Cell death and differentiation Dec 2015

A Lentiviral Vector Allowing Physiologically Regulated Membrane-anchored and Secreted Antibody Expression Depending on B-cell Maturation Status.

Authors Fusil F, Calattini S, Amirache F, Mancip J, Costa C, Robbins JB, Douam F, Lavillette D, Law M, Defrance T, Verhoeyen E, Cosset FL

Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy Nov 2015

Surface engineering of lentiviral vectors for gene transfer into gene therapy target cells.

Authors Lévy C, Verhoeyen E, Cosset FL

Current opinion in pharmacology Oct 2015

Erosion of the chronic myeloid leukaemia stem cell pool by PPARγ agonists.

Authors Prost S, Relouzat F, Spentchian M, Ouzegdouh Y, Saliba J, Massonnet G, Beressi JP, Verhoeyen E, Raggueneau V, Maneglier B, Castaigne S, Chomienne C, Chrétien S, Rousselot P, Leboulch P

Nature Sep 2015

Exclusive Transduction of Human CD4+ T Cells upon Systemic Delivery of CD4-Targeted Lentiviral Vectors.

Authors Zhou Q, Uhlig KM, Muth A, Kimpel J, Lévy C, Münch RC, Seifried J, Pfeiffer A, Trkola A, Coulibaly C, von Laer D, Wels WS, Hartwig UF, Verhoeyen E, Buchholz CJ

Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) Sep 2015

A commentary on “Involvement of activating ERK1/2 trough G protein coupled receptor 30 and estrogen receptor α/β in low doses of bisphenol A promoting growth of Sertoli TM4 cells”.

Authors Chevalier N, Paul-Bellon R, Fénichel P

Toxicology letters Sep 2015

The PRKAA1/AMPKα1 pathway triggers autophagy during CSF1-induced human monocyte differentiation and is a potential target in CMML.

Authors Obba S, Hizir Z, Boyer L, Selimoglu-Buet D, Pfeifer A, Michel G, Hamouda MA, Gonçalvès D, Cerezo M, Marchetti S, Rocchi S, Droin N, Cluzeau T, Robert G, Luciano F, Robaye B, Foretz M, Viollet B, Legros L, Solary E, Auberger P, Jacquel A

Autophagy Jun 2015

Glucose metabolism is inhibited by caspases upon the induction of apoptosis.

Authors Pradelli LA, Villa E, Zunino B, Marchetti S, Ricci JE

Cell death & disease Sep 2014