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Meeting report of the 4th biennial Metabolism and Cancer symposium.

Authors Abdel Hadi N, Boet E, Lahalle A, Lauture L, Refeyton A, Reyes-Castellanos G, Caplet N, Carrier A, Le Cam L, Mazure NM, Ricci JE, Rocchi S, Sarry JE, Vasseur S, Vlaski-Lafarge M, Rossignol R, Bost F

The FEBS journal Nov 2021

Physiological impact of in vivo stable isotope tracing on cancer metabolism.

Authors Grima-Reyes M, Martinez-Turtos A, Abramovich I, Gottlieb E, Chiche J, Ricci JE

Molecular metabolism Nov 2021

EVT-701 is a novel selective and safe mitochondrial complex 1 inhibitor with potent anti-tumor activity in models of solid cancers.

Authors Luna Yolba R, Visentin V, Hervé C, Chiche J, Ricci JE, Méneyrol J, Paillasse MR, Alet N

Pharmacology research & perspectives Oct 2021

Recent Progress in Genome Editing for Gene Therapy Applications: The French Perspective.

Authors Amendola M, Bedel A, Buj-Bello A, Carrara M, Concordet JP, Frati G, Gilot D, Giovannangeli C, Gutierrez-Guerrero A, Laurent M, Miccio A, Moreau-Gaudry F, Sourd C, Valton J, Verhoeyen E

Human gene therapy Oct 2021

The prohibitin-binding compound fluorizoline inhibits mitophagy in cancer cells.

Authors Núñez-Vázquez S, Saura-Esteller J, Sánchez-Vera I, Guilbaud E, Cosialls AM, Pons G, Ricci JE, Iglesias-Serret D, Marchetti S, Gil J

Oncogenesis Sep 2021

Genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 screen identifies rationally designed combination therapies for CRLF2-rearranged Ph-like ALL.

Authors Sasaki K, Yamauchi T, Semba Y, Nogami J, Imanaga H, Terasaki T, Nakao F, Akahane K, Inukai T, Verhoeyen E, Akashi K, Maeda T

Blood Sep 2021

Increased Activation of Innate Immunity and Pro-Apoptotic CXCR3B in Normal-Appearing Skin on the Lesional Site of Patients with Segmental Vitiligo.

Authors Passeron T, Malmqvst VEA, Bzioueche H, Marchetti S, Rocchi S, Tulic MK

The Journal of investigative dermatology Jul 2021

Genetic in vivo engineering of human T lymphocytes in mouse models.

Authors Weidner T, Agarwal S, Perian S, Fusil F, Braun G, Hartmann J, Verhoeyen E, Buchholz CJ

Nature protocols Jul 2021

Pharmacological preconditioning protects from ischemia/reperfusion-induced apoptosis by modulating Bcl-xL expression through a ROS-dependent mechanism.

Authors Rozier R, Paul R, Madji Hounoum B, Villa E, Mhaidly R, Chiche J, Verhoeyen E, Marchetti S, Vandenberghe A, Raucoules M, Carles M, Ricci JE

The FEBS journal Jun 2021

Escherichia coli Rho GTPase-activating toxin CNF1 mediates NLRP3 inflammasome activation via p21-activated kinases-1/2 during bacteraemia in mice.

Authors Dufies O, Doye A, Courjon J, Torre C, Michel G, Loubatier C, Jacquel A, Chaintreuil P, Majoor A, Guinamard RR, Gallerand A, Saavedra PHV, Verhoeyen E, Rey A, Marchetti S, Ruimy R, Czerucka D, Lamkanfi M, Py BF, Munro P, Visvikis O, Boyer L

Nature microbiology Mar 2021