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The mitochondrial NADH shuttle system is a targetable vulnerability for Group 3 medulloblastoma in a hypoxic microenvironment.

Authors Contenti J, Guo Y, Mazzu A, Irondelle M, Rouleau M, Lago C, Leva G, Tiberi L, Ben-Sahra I, Bost F, Mazure NM

Cell death & disease Nov 2023

An exploratory human study investigating the influence of type 2 diabetes on macrophage phenotype after myocardial infarction.

Authors Moratal C, Murdaca J, Cruzel C, Zamiti-Smondel A, Heme N, Asarisi F, Neels JG, Ferrari E, Chinetti G

International journal of cardiology. Heart & vasculature Nov 2023

LKB1-SIK2 loss drives uveal melanoma proliferation and hypersensitivity to SLC8A1 and ROS inhibition.

Authors Proteau S, Krossa I, Husser C, Guéguinou M, Sella F, Bille K, Irondelle M, Dalmasso M, Barouillet T, Cheli Y, Pisibon C, Arrighi N, Nahon-Estève S, Martel A, Gastaud L, Lassalle S, Mignen O, Brest P, Mazure NM, Bost F, Baillif S, Landreville S, Turcotte S, Hasson D, Carcamo S, Vandier C, Bernstein E, Yvan-Charvet L, Levesque MP, Ballotti R, Bertolotto C, Strub T

EMBO molecular medicine Nov 2023

Adipocyte glucocorticoid receptor activation with high glucocorticoid doses impairs healthy adipose tissue expansion by repressing angiogenesis.

Authors Vali A, Dalle H, Loubaresse A, Gilleron J, Havis E, Garcia M, Beaupère C, Denis C, Roblot N, Poussin K, Ledent T, Bouillet B, Cormont M, Tanti JF, Capeau J, Vatier C, Fève B, Grosfeld A, Moldes M

Diabetes Nov 2023

Super-enhancer-driven expression of BAHCC1 promotes melanoma cell proliferation and genome stability.

Authors Berico P, Nogaret M, Cigrang M, Lallement A, Vand-Rajabpour F, Flores-Yanke A, Gambi G, Davidson G, Seno L, Obid J, Vokshi BH, Le Gras S, Mengus G, Ye T, Cordero CF, Dalmasso M, Compe E, Bertolotto C, Hernando E, Davidson I, Coin F

Cell reports Nov 2023

HIF-1 inactivation empowers HIF-2 to drive hypoxia adaptation in aggressive forms of medulloblastoma.

Authors Contenti J, Guo Y, Larcher M, Mirabal-Ortega L, Rouleau M, Irondelle M, Tiroille V, Mazzu A, Duranton-Tanneur V, Pedeutour F, Ben-Sahra I, Lago C, Leva G, Tiberi L, Robert G, Pouponnot C, Bost F, Mazure NM

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology Oct 2023

[Introduction to spatial omics].

Authors Mazure NM

Bulletin du cancer Oct 2023

Melanogenesis Is Directly Affected by Metabolites of Melatonin in Human Melanoma Cells.

Authors Möller JKS, Linowiecka K, Gagat M, Brożyna AA, Foksiński M, Wolnicka-Glubisz A, Pyza E, Reiter RJ, Tulic MK, Slominski AT, Steinbrink K, Kleszczyński K

International journal of molecular sciences Oct 2023

[EMDR («Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing») with children and adolescents].

Authors Schweich M, Vervier JF, Grandjean V

Revue medicale de Liege Oct 2023

Cell Plasticity in a Mouse Model of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia Drives Amplification of Androgen-Independent Epithelial Cell Populations Sensitive to Antioxidant Therapy.

Authors Dos Santos L, Carbone F, Pacreau E, Diarra S, Luka M, Pigat N, Baures M, Navarro E, Anract J, Barry Delongchamps N, Cagnard N, Bost F, Nemazanyy I, Petitjean O, Hamaï A, Menager M, Palea S, Guidotti JE, Goffin V

The American journal of pathology Oct 2023