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Emerging role of glutathione peroxidase 4 in myeloid cell lineage development and acute myeloid leukemia.

Authors Auberger P, Favreau C, Savy C, Jacquel A, Robert G

Cellular & molecular biology letters Jul 2024

The marine-derived HIF-1α inhibitor, Yardenone 2, reduces prostate cancer cell proliferation by targeting HIF-1 target genes.

Authors Peng S, Guo Y, Irondelle M, Mazzu A, Kahi M, Ferreira Montenegro P, Bost F, Mazure NM

Cellular & molecular biology letters Jul 2024

Fructooligosaccharides benefits on glucose homeostasis upon high-fat diet feeding require type 2 conventional dendritic cells.

Authors Gélineau A, Marcelin G, Ouhachi M, Dussaud S, Voland L, Manuel R, Baba I, Rouault C, Yvan-Charvet L, Clément K, Tussiwand R, Huby T, Gautier EL

Nature communications Jun 2024

Dependence on mitochondrial respiration of malignant T cells reveals a new therapeutic target for angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma.

Authors Krug A, Mhaidly R, Tosolini M, Mondragon L, Tari G, Turtos AM, Paul-Bellon R, Asnafi V, Marchetti S, Di Mascio L, Travert M, Bost F, Bachy E, Argüello RJ, Fournié JJ, Gaulard P, Lemonnier F, Ricci JE, Verhoeyen E

Cell death discovery Jun 2024

AMBRA1 levels predict resistance to MAPK inhibitors in melanoma.

Authors Di Leo L, Pagliuca C, Kishk A, Rizza S, Tsiavou C, Pecorari C, Dahl C, Pacheco MP, Tholstrup R, Brewer JR, Berico P, Hernando E, Cecconi F, Ballotti R, Bertolotto C, Filomeni G, Gjerstorff MF, Sauter T, Lovat P, Guldberg P, De Zio D

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Jun 2024

Preconceptional paternal obesity may increase the risk of congenital urogenital anomalies in offspring: A case-control study.

Authors Achkar ME, Atieh O, Ghadban C, Awad T, Ghadban E, Grandjean V, Yarkiner Z, Raad G, Khalife MF

Andrology Jun 2024

Bax Inhibitor-1 preserves pancreatic β-cell proteostasis by limiting proinsulin misfolding and programmed cell death.

Authors Blanc M, Habbouche L, Xiao P, Lebeaupin C, Janona M, Vaillant N, Irondelle M, Gilleron J, Murcy F, Rousseau D, Luci C, Barouillet T, Marchetti S, Lacas-Gervais S, Yvan-Charvet L, Gual P, Cardozo AK, Bailly-Maitre B

Cell death & disease May 2024

CAR T cells outperform CAR NK cells in CAR-mediated effector functions in head-to-head comparison.

Authors Egli L, Kaulfuss M, Mietz J, Picozzi A, Verhoeyen E, Münz C, Chijioke O

Experimental hematology & oncology May 2024

Identifying Candidate Gene Drivers Associated with Relapse in Pediatric T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Using a Gene Co-Expression Network Approach.

Authors Kypraios A, Bennour J, Imbert V, David L, Calvo J, Pflumio F, Bonnet R, Couralet M, Magnone V, Lebrigand K, Barbry P, Rohrlich PS, Peyron JF

Cancers May 2024

Optimisation of a primary human CAR-NK cell manufacturing pipeline.

Authors Pfefferle A, Contet J, Wong K, Chen C, Verhoeyen E, Slichter CK, Schluns KS, Cursons J, Berry R, Nikolic I, Rautela J, Huntington ND

Clinical & translational immunology May 2024