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Multimodal cartography of human lymphopoiesis reveals B and T/NK/ILC lineages are subjected to differential regulation.

Authors Alhaj Hussen K, Chabaane E, Nelson E, Lekiashvili S, Diop S, Keita S, Evrard B, Lardenois A, Delord M, Verhoeyen E, Cornils K, Kasraian Z, Macintyre EA, Cumano A, Garrick D, Goodhardt M, Andrieu GP, Asnafi V, Chalmel F, Canque B

iScience Sep 2023

Combating Stress by Targeting Innate Immunity to Stop the War against Melanocytes in Vitiligo.

Authors Tulic MK

The Journal of investigative dermatology Sep 2023

Osteopontin-driven T-cell accumulation and function in adipose tissue and liver promoted insulin resistance and MAFLD.

Authors Soysouvanh F, Rousseau D, Bonnafous S, Bourinet M, Strazzulla A, Patouraux S, Machowiak J, Farrugia MA, Iannelli A, Tran A, Anty R, Luci C, Gual P

Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.) Sep 2023

The Antioxidant TEMPOL Protects Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells From Culture-Mediated Loss of Functions.

Authors Henry E, Picou F, Barroca V, Dechamps N, Sobrino S, Six E, Gobeaux C, Auberger P, Hérault O, Pflumio F, Arcangeli ML

Stem cells translational medicine Aug 2023

Exploring Adipose Tissue Functions.

Authors Jager J, Gilleron J

Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE Aug 2023

Persistent organic pollutants promote aggressiveness in prostate cancer.

Authors Buñay J, Kossai M, Damon-Soubeyrant C, De Haze A, Saru JP, Trousson A, de Joussineau C, Bouchareb E, Kocer A, Vialat M, Dallel S, Degoul F, Bost F, Clavel S, Penault-Llorca F, Valli MP, Guy L, Matthews J, Renaud Y, Ittmann M, Jones J, Morel L, Lobaccaro JM, Baron S

Oncogene Aug 2023

Impact of testicular cancer on sperm small non-coding RNA signature: a pilot study.

Authors Dupont C, Stathopoulou MG, Illy PJ, Sermondade N, Levy R, Trabucchi M, Prades M, Haj Hamid R, Berthaut I, Grandjean V

Epigenetics Jul 2023

Macrophage death in atherosclerosis: potential role in calcification.

Authors Neels JG, Gollentz C, Chinetti G

Frontiers in immunology Jul 2023

Assessment of Different Circulating Tumor Cell Platforms for Uveal Melanoma: Potential Impact for Future Routine Clinical Practice.

Authors Martel A, Mograbi B, Romeo B, Gastaud L, Lalvee S, Zahaf K, Fayada J, Nahon-Esteve S, Bonnetaud C, Salah M, Tanga V, Baillif S, Bertolotto C, Lassalle S, Hofman P

International journal of molecular sciences Jul 2023

Nanoblades allow high-level genome editing in murine and human organoids.

Authors Tiroille V, Krug A, Bokobza E, Kahi M, Bulcaen M, Ensinck MM, Geurts MH, Hendriks D, Vermeulen F, Larbret F, Gutierrez-Guerrero A, Chen Y, Van Zundert I, Rocha S, Rios AC, Medaer L, Gijsbers R, Mangeot PE, Clevers H, Carlon MS, Bost F, Verhoeyen E

Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids Jul 2023