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ER stress signaling at the interphase between MASH and hepatocellular carcinoma.

Auteurs Hazari Y, Chevet E, Bailly-Maitre B, Hetz C

Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.) Apr 2024

Golgi-associated retrograde protein (GARP) complex-dependent endosomes to trans Golgi network retrograde trafficking is controlled by Rab4b.

Auteurs Gilleron J, Chafik A, Lacas-Gervais S, Tanti JF, Cormont M

Cellular & molecular biology letters Apr 2024

Enhanced liver fibrosis score is stable after withdrawal in patients with heavy alcohol consumption: A pilot study.

Auteurs Lévi-Strauss T, Gal J, Gelsi E, Truchi R, Ouizeman DJ, Hinault C, Chinetti G, Tran A, Gual P, Anty R

Alcohol, clinical & experimental research Apr 2024

Paternal peri-conceptional physical activity and the risk of congenital heart disease in offspring: A case-control study.

Auteurs Atieh O, Azzi NMJ, Lteif GJ, Atieh NA, Germanos NY, Grandjean V, Yarkiner Z, Saliba Z, Khalife MF, Raad G

Andrology Apr 2024

The troglitazone derivative EP13 disrupts energy metabolism through respiratory chain complex I inhibition in breast cancer cells and potentiates the antiproliferative effect of glycolysis inhibitntriors.

Auteurs Muller C, Lacroix-Malgras V, Kluza J, Laine W, Güler Y, Bost F, Boisbrun M, Mazerbourg S, Flament S

Cancer cell international Apr 2024

HSPA8 chaperone complex drives chaperone-mediated autophagy regulation in acute promyelocytic leukemia cell differentiation.

Auteurs Rafiq S, Mungure I, Banz Y, Niklaus NJ, Kaufmann T, Müller S, Jacquel A, Robert G, Auberger P, Torbett BE, Muller S, Tschan MP, Humbert M

Pharmacology Apr 2024

Messing with cancer therapy: how the melanoma phenotype predicts checkpoint inhibitor response.

Auteurs Meierjohann S, Bertolotto C

Signal transduction and targeted therapy Apr 2024

[Trained immunity : emerging strategies against antibiotic resistance].

Auteurs Badin L, Franc C, Gilbert P, Magdeleine JJ, Martin L, Vernaz R, Arrighi N, Garcia-Sanchez JA

Medecine sciences : M/S Mar 2024

[When ubiquitination intertwines with cutaneous melanoma: a mechanism to explore].

Auteurs Arrighi N, Breda L, Kerdilès T, Meyer C, Prugneau L, Rabatel O, Wagner G, Krossa I, Pisibon C

Medecine sciences : M/S Mar 2024

[PROTAC technology: a promising approach in oncology].

Auteurs Azuaga Moreso M, Bertrand C, Duffrene J, Dumont M, Lecouffe A, Muller C, Arrighi N, Onesto C

Medecine sciences : M/S Mar 2024