Team Chronic liver diseases associated with obesity and alcohol (LIVDISEASES)

Dr Frederic Soysouvanh

For this session of the PhD and post-doc seminars, we will have the pleasure to learn more about the work of Dr Frederic Soysouvanh (Postdoctoral researcher, Team 8):

Role of the SPP1-CD44 axis in chronic liver disease.

Nucleate France

Gaëlle Youssef

Gaëlle Youssef (Project coordinator) will present the Nucleate France program of the Graduate School LIFE & HEALTH SCIENCES (Université Côte d'Azur).

Launched by Harvard Medical School, Nucleate is a nonprofit organization that empowers the next generation of biotech leaders by educating today’s academic trainees. Unified, Nucleate will be the world’s largest educational organization for functional and impact-driven life sciences career development in entrepreneurship.


This seminar will be sponsored by Promega and Tebubio who will offer us snacks after the seminar.
We are looking forward to seeing you all there.