For this session of the PhD and post-doc seminars, we will have the pleasure to learn more about the work of Michel KAHI (PhD student, Team 5):

Metabolic reprogramming in prostate cancer cells: new perspective from the polyamines/hypusination pathway.

This seminar will start with a short presentation by Marie Irondelle of a new microscopy software, NIS.Ai, which will be available for testing on the analysis computer of the imaging platform until May.

Artificial intelligence for microscopy

Discover NIS.Ai

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning methods are making seemingly impossible tasks now possible. From recovering contrast to improving signal-to-noise ratio, or for new approaches to managing challenging acquisition parameters or segmentation previously difficult or nearly impossible, these approaches can now be automated thanks to AI.

The NIS-Elements suite consists of various modules and functions which expand the NIS-Elements platform by building in tailor-made solutions for acquisition, visualization and analysis.


We will have the pleasure to be sponsored by VWR, and will invite you to share some snacks and drinks after the seminar.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there.