Dr. Alexandre BOISSONNAS, from the Centre of Immunology and Microbial Infections (Cimi, Paris) will present his work:

Spatial heterogeneity of tumor-associated macrophages

Dr Alexandre Boissonnas is an Immunologist, Research Director at Inserm. During his PhD until 2004, he studied the role of the antigen in the homeostasis of peripheral T lymphocytes. He then joined Sebastian Amigorena‘s lab at Institut Curie-Paris to develop a new approach to study the leukocyte dynamic using two-photon live imaging. Since 2009 he joined the Inserm at CIMI-Paris and now lead the team “Chemokines, Phagocytes and Inflammation”, focusing his investigations on the role of the mononuclear phagocyte system in inflammatory pathologies. Using multimodal non-linear optical imaging in mouse models, he works on the distinct roles between monocyte-derived cells and tissue-resident macrophages and tracks their respective behaviors in their physiological environment.
Based on this technical innovation he aims proposing a spatio-temporal integrative schema of the macrophage diversity and reaction to tissue insult, or neoplastic transformation.