Organisation of C3M

At the service of scientists

The Mediterranean Centre for Molecular Medicine (C3M) is under the dual supervision of Inserm and the Côte d'Azur University.

C3M's organisation has been designed to encourage synergy and exchange between scientists and to relieve team leaders of many administrative, financial and logistical tasks. The diversity of interests of the C3M research teams creates an enriching working environment, facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations that benefit from the expertise and complementary approaches of each team.

C3M's organisational principles :

C3M is managed by the Director, supported by the Deputy Scientific Director and the General Secretary. The Steering Committee is made up of the C3M Management team (Director, Deputy Scientific Director, General Secretary) and the PI of the C3M teams. It meets monthly to decide on the organisation and scientific strategy of the centre. The Laboratory Council is made up of the Steering Committee and a representative of the other scientific colleges (Researchers, ITAs, Post-doctoral students and PhDs). This committee meets every four months to discuss and advise on all aspects of the organisation and scientific strategy of C3M.

From 2024 to 2027

The C3M management team

Since January 2024, the C3M is directed by Dr Sophie TARTARE-DECKERT, Dr Jean-François TANTI and Philippe ROSTAGNO.


The C3M's committees


The tasks of the Equipment Committee are to list the equipment needs communicated by the users, prioritise these needs according to their importance and the money available, collect the necessary documents for a purchase, report this information to the Management team and define the planning of the financing requests.

Marcel Deckert

Scientific Animation



The missions of the Eco-awareness committee are to identify ways to reduce waste in the laboratory, to save energy, to set up associated actions and to raise awareness and inform C3M staff.

Sandrine Marchetti

Health & Safety

The tasks of the Health and Safety Committee are to inform the laboratory staff and to put in place the necessary means for optimal and safe working conditions.

Rachel Paul-Bellon


Parity and Professional Equality

The tasks of this committee are to relay information campaigns, propose actions, lead reflection and monitor C3M's progress in terms of parity.

Béatrice Bailly-Maitre and Didier Mary

Website development

This committee was tasked with setting up the new C3M website in 2022. It is responsible for updating the site and providing technical assistance to C3M users.

Grégory Michel, Virginie Prod'homme, Guillaume Robert and Philippe Rostagno (c3m.adm-web@univ-cotedazur.fr).