The C3M scientific retreat was attended by over a hundred people. The event was opened by Dr Sophie Tartare-Deckert, the Centre’s future director in January 2024, and provided an opportunity to find out more about the Labex Signalife presented by Dr Jean-François Tanti, the projects of the new teams arriving in 2023 and 2024, C3M’s platforms and start-ups, the activities of the Centre’s doctoral and post-doctoral students’ organising committee and to get to know the 2023 intake of C3M doctoral students.

These conferences were followed by team-building activities and a musical evening, which enabled us to share some good times together.

These 2 days away from our laboratories ended with Dr Eric Lagadec, astrophysicist at the Lagrange laboratory of the Côte d’Azur observatory, giving a popularised scientific talk entitled “We are stardust”.

Many thanks to the organising committee for a great time!

Ana Bastos, Christophe Girard, Marie Irondelle, Carmelo Luci, Jaap Neels, Michaël Ohanna, Philippe Rostagno

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