We are delighted to invite you to a theatrical performance (in FRENCH, we apologize for English speakers) by the Synergies Théâtre company, who will be presenting a play entitled "Ce qu'il en coûte".
This play takes up all the codes of professional relations that we can encounter on a daily basis in a research laboratory and will allow us to reflect and debate together on how to improve our working environment and our professional relations.
This forum theatre project is therefore aimed at everyone, and we hope that as many people as possible - researchers, engineers, doctoral students and trainees - will take part.
We'll be continuing the debate after the performance over cocktails.


Synergies Théâtre is a theatrical company dedicated to civic and artistic action. Its aim is to promote the personal and collective development of the audiences it works with.
Working in a variety of sectors: working-class communities, the world of work, education, higher education and research, business, prisons, etc., the company uses forum theatre, text-based theatre, improvisational theatre, training through theatre, producing shows with amateurs, making short films and giving acting lessons.
Over 300 performances a year are put on by the professional team, and at least a dozen by amateurs supervised by the team.