We are delighted to welcome Dr Véronique Angeli (Associate Professor NUS and C3M Inserm Chair in 2024). We hope you can join us for this first C3M scientific event of 2024.

Discovery of Lyve-1+ tissue resident macrophage functions through lymphatic research


Accumulative evidence indicates the emerging functions of the immune system in maintaining tissue homeostasis extending far beyond its classical function in host defense. Thus a mechanistic understanding of the relationships between the immune system and tissue homeostasis is expected to advance the development of strategies to treat multi-organ disorders. In my lab we focus on deciphering the regulation of tissue homeostasis by lymphatics and tissue resident macrophages with the goal to design better approaches to treat chronic inflammatory diseases. I would share some of our work unraveling the role of lymphatic vessels in controlling tissue cholesterol and its relevance to diseases. I would then discuss how this lymphatic work led to the discovery of a population of tissue resident macrophage expressing the lymphatic marker Lyve-1 with novel homeostatic functions.  

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