This year, we want to focus on the research done at C3M on pathologies: cancer, metabolic and infectious diseases. To this end, we are proposing a tour of several research "departments" in these three areas. Visitors will be welcomed at a first stand where they will be given a brief overview of the contributions of research to medical advances. They will then move on to the cancer, metabolic and infectious disease departments. Each stand will explain what is done at C3M in relation to the pathologies in the field in a fun way, with little games. Each booth will give them a stamp which, once obtained, will give them access to a small goodie.


Once again this year, C3M was brilliantly represented by second year PhD students and a few "old hands" to supervise them. Nearly 800 visitors were welcomed over two days.
The itinerary included an introduction with an unusual and somewhat magical model (a car made of spikes that moves almost by itself), a cancer module with the patient Mr Vincent (based on Dr Maboule, with an ingenious system of circulating marbles representing metastases), parasite identification games based on the "who am I?" and the famous and very elegant "C" worms of the infection module, and explanations of glycemia in the metabo module with their magnetic man. This year, the C3M stand also welcomed the MédinNice association to promote local plastic recycling by offering a number of goodies made from the plastic from our tip boxes.

Thanks again to all the participants:

Introduction workshop: Imène /Eq1, Céline /Eq1, Frédéric /Eq8
Metabolism workshop: Marion /Eq13, Manon /Eq8, Abderrahman /Eq7, Ines /Eq7
Cancer workshop: Alexandrine /Eq11, Océane /Eq11, Michel /Eq5, Yingbo /Eq5, Amine /Eq5
Infection workshop: Anne /Eq6, Juan /Eq6, Ludovic /Eq6
Logistics: Marie, Jérôme /Eq7 and Philippe