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Real-life challenges using personalized prognostic scoring systems in acute myeloid leukemia.

Auteurs Calleja A, Loschi M, Bailly L, Morisot A, Marceau A, Mannone L, Robert G, Auberger P, Preudhomme C, Raynaud S, Subtil F, Sujobert P, Cluzeau T

Cancer medicine Nov 2022

BTG1 inactivation drives lymphomagenesis and promotes lymphoma dissemination through activation of BCAR1.

Auteurs Delage L, Lambert M, Bardel E, Kundlacz C, Chartoire D, Conchon A, Peugnet AL, Gorka L, Auberger P, Jacquel A, Soussain C, Destaing O, Delecluse HJ, Delecluse S, Merabet S, Traverse-Glehen A, Salles GA, Bachy E, Billaud M, Ghesquieres H, Genestier L, Rouault JP, Sujobert P

Blood Nov 2022

Risk of subsequent primary oral cancer in a cohort of 69,460 5-year survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer in Europe: the PanCareSurFup study.

Auteurs Sunguc C, Hawkins MM, Winter DL, Dudley IM, Heymer EJ, Teepen JC, Allodji RS, Belle FN, Bagnasco F, Byrne J, Bárdi E, Ronckers CM, Haddy N, Gudmundsdottir T, Garwicz S, Jankovic M, van der Pal HJH, Mazić MČ, Schindera C, Grabow D, Maule MM, Kaatsch P, Kaiser M, Fresneau B, Michel G, Skinner R, Wiebe T, Sacerdote C, Jakab Z, Gunnes MW, Terenziani M, Winther JF, Lähteenmäki PM, Zaletel LZ, Kuehni CE, Kremer LC, Haupt R, de Vathaire F, Hjorth L, Reulen RC

British journal of cancer Nov 2022

SUN2 regulates mitotic duration in response to extracellular matrix rigidity.

Auteurs Belaadi N, Pernet L, Aureille J, Chadeuf G, Rio M, Vaillant N, Vitiello E, Lafanechère L, Loirand G, Guilluy C

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Nov 2022

Author Correction: Endosomal trafficking in metabolic homeostasis and diseases.

Auteurs Gilleron J, Zeigerer A

Nature reviews. Endocrinology Nov 2022

Editorial: The path towards precision health: Prospects and challenges.

Auteurs Ibrahim ME, Hussein A, Stathopoulou MG, Visvikis-Siest S

Frontiers in medicine Oct 2022

Lysine Methyltransferase NSD1 and Cancers: Any Role in Melanoma?

Auteurs Krossa I, Strub T, Aplin AE, Ballotti R, Bertolotto C

Cancers Oct 2022

Optineurin links Hace1-dependent Rac ubiquitylation to integrin-mediated mechanotransduction to control bacterial invasion and cell division.

Auteurs Petracchini S, Hamaoui D, Doye A, Asnacios A, Fage F, Vitiello E, Balland M, Janel S, Lafont F, Gupta M, Ladoux B, Gilleron J, Maia TM, Impens F, Gagnoux-Palacios L, Daugaard M, Sorensen PH, Lemichez E, Mettouchi A

Nature communications Oct 2022

Endosomal trafficking in metabolic homeostasis and diseases.

Auteurs Gilleron J, Zeigerer A

Nature reviews. Endocrinology Oct 2022

Role of extracellular matrix architecture and signaling in melanoma therapeutic resistance.

Auteurs Popovic A, Tartare-Deckert S

Frontiers in oncology Sep 2022