Ubiquitous self-tracking technologies have penetrated various aspects of our lives, from physical and mental health monitoring to fitness and entertainment. Yet, limited data exist on the association between in the wild large-scale physical activity patterns, sleep, stress, and overall health, and behavioral and psychological patterns due to challenges in collecting and releasing such datasets, including waning user engagement or privacy considerations. In this paper, we present the LifeSnaps dataset, a multi-modal, longitudinal, and geographically-distributed dataset containing a plethora of anthropological data, collected unobtrusively for the total course of more than 4 months by n = 71 participants. LifeSnaps contains more than 35 different data types from second to daily granularity, totaling more than 71 M rows of data. The participants contributed their data through validated surveys, ecological momentary assessments, and a Fitbit Sense smartwatch and consented to make these data available to empower future research. We envision that releasing this large-scale dataset of multi-modal real-world data will open novel research opportunities and potential applications in multiple disciplines.