The fabrication of low-resistance and thermally stable Ohmic contacts is essential for the realization of reliable GaN power devices. In the particular case of p-type GaN, a thin Ni/Au bilayer is commonly used for Ohmic contacts. However, Au metal contacts are quite expensive, are incompatible with the complementary metal oxide-semiconductor foundries, and also have poor thermal stability. Thus, seeking an alternative that is affordable and thermally stable is crucial. In the present study, we investigate Au-free Ohmic contact formation on p-type GaN using a bilayer Ni/Al-doped ZnO (AZO) thin film. Careful studies were focused on identifying the role of process parameters such as annealing parameters: temperature, time, and atmosphere in order to obtain an excellent Ohmic contact on p-GaN. Our results show that the contact resistance can be significantly reduced using a Ni/AZO bilayer with a suitable rapid thermal process. We demonstrate that the specific contact resistance for Ni/AZO on p-GaN can reach the lowest value of 1.85 × 10 Ω·cm for a sample with a 5 nm Ni layer annealed at 500 °C in air for 5 min. Our work demonstrates that the bilayer Ni/AZO contact could be suitable for efficient GaN power diodes or transistors.