In stimulated IVF-ICSI cycles, follicles at different stages of maturation can be aspirated during oocyte pickup. Nowadays, only mature oocytes (metaphase 2 stage) are used and immature oocytes (germinal vesicle and metaphase 1 stages), which are judged unfit for fertilization, are non-used at day 0. In our IVF center, the rate of immature oocytes recovered is around 25%. A significant number of this precious resource is therefore non-used every day in IVF laboratories. The objective of our study was to evaluate the competence of our in vitro maturation autologous coculture method on the maturation and developmental potential of immature oocytes obtained from stimulated IVF-ICSI cycles, in order to obtain additional embryos for the couple as a rescue system to increase the changes of cumulative pregnancy.