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Atherosclerosis Calcification: Focus on Lipoproteins.

Authors Neels JG, Leftheriotis G, Chinetti G

Metabolites Mar 2023

Identification of a circulating immunological signature predictive of response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

Authors Khatir W, Humbert O, Benzaquen J, Bontoux C, Neels J, Berland L, Rivera FAG, Allegra M, Salah M, Tanga V, Bordone O, Fayada J, Lespinet-Fabre V, Bohly D, Long-Mira E, Lassalle S, Vouret V, Brest P, Mograbi B, Maniel C, Otto J, Boutros J, Heeke S, Hofman V, Marquette CH, Hofman P, Ilié M

Clinical and translational medicine Aug 2022

Diabetes-Induced Changes in Macrophage Biology Might Lead to Reduced Risk for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Development.

Authors Chinetti G, Carboni J, Murdaca J, Moratal C, Sibille B, Raffort J, Lareyre F, Baptiste EJ, Hassen-Khodja R, Neels JG

Metabolites Feb 2022

Late Outcomes of Carotid Artery Stenting for Radiation Therapy-Induced Carotid Stenosis.

Authors Nasr B, Crespy V, Penasse E, Gaudry M, Rosset E, Feugier P, Gouëffic Y, Maurel B, Hostalrich A, Alric P, Sadaghianloo N, Settembre N, Chevallier J, Ben Ahmed S, Gouny P, Steinmetz E,

Journal of endovascular therapy : an official journal of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists Jan 2022

Cohort study: “Outcomes of kidney transplantation in patients with prosthetic heart valves”.

Authors Ouahmi H, Moceri P, Zorzi K, Albano L, Durand M, Karimi F, Morelon E, Buron F, Le Quintrec M, Pernin V, Ladriere M, Girerd S, Dantal J, Loupy A, Couzi L, Ferrari E, Esnault V, Merville P, Legendre C, Giral M, Sicard A,

Transplant international : official journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation Nov 2021

Gene Doping with Peroxisome-Proliferator-Activated Receptor Beta/Delta Agonists Alters Immunity but Exercise Training Mitigates the Detection of Effects in Blood Samples.

Authors Sibille B, Mothe-Satney I, Le Menn G, Lepouse D, Le Garf S, Baudoin E, Murdaca J, Moratal C, Lamghari N, Chinetti G, Neels JG, Rousseau AS

International journal of molecular sciences Oct 2021

Early switch to oral anticoagulation in patients with acute intermediate-risk pulmonary embolism (PEITHO-2): a multinational, multicentre, single-arm, phase 4 trial.

Authors Klok FA, Toenges G, Mavromanoli AC, Barco S, Ageno W, Bouvaist H, Brodmann M, Cuccia C, Couturaud F, Dellas C, Dimopoulos K, Duerschmied D, Empen K, Faggiano P, Ferrari E, Galiè N, Galvani M, Ghuysen A, Giannakoulas G, Huisman MV, Jiménez D, Kozak M, Lang IM, Lankeit M, Meneveau N, Münzel T, Palazzini M, Petris AO, Piovaccari G, Salvi A, Schellong S, Schmidt KH, Verschuren F, Schmidtmann I, Meyer G, Konstantinides SV,

The Lancet. Haematology Sep 2021

Regulation of Monocytes/Macrophages by the Renin-Angiotensin System in Diabetic Nephropathy: State of the Art and Results of a Pilot Study.

Authors Moratal C, Laurain A, Naïmi M, Florin T, Esnault V, Neels JG, Chevalier N, Chinetti G, Favre G

International journal of molecular sciences Jun 2021

Roles of Nuclear Receptors in Vascular Calcification.

Authors Chinetti G, Neels JG

International journal of molecular sciences Jun 2021

Invalidation of the Transcriptional Modulator of Lipid Metabolism PPARβ/δ in T Cells Prevents Age-Related Alteration of Body Composition and Loss of Endurance Capacity.

Authors Rousseau AS, Murdaca J, Le Menn G, Sibille B, Wahli W, Le Garf S, Chinetti G, Neels JG, Mothe-Satney I

Frontiers in physiology Apr 2021